Automobile/Mobility Materials

Features and Strengths

●We propose the most suitable materials from numerous manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
●We have our own warehouse, and we also provide detailed delivery to customers and kanban correspondence.
●From our wide network, we propose new manufacturing.

Main Products Handled

Transportation Applications

  • Interior material
  • Exterior material
  • Materials for various parts

Various Resins

  • Olefin-based (PP, PE, EVA, CPE, EEA, etc.)
  • Engineering plastics (PC, ABS, PET, PA, POM, PBT, PPS, etc.)
  • General-purpose resins (ABS, PS, PVC, urethane-based, epoxy-based, acrylic-based, etc.)
  • Special resins (PEEK, PTFE, LCP, PEI, PES, fluorine resin, silicone resin, etc.)
  • recycled resin

Resin Additives

  • UVA
  • HALS
  • Lubricants (external and internal)
  • Modifiers (compatibility, flexibility, rigidity, etc.)
  • Various masterbatches: Available from small lots


  • UV curable
  • thermoset
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Other paint

Raw Materials for Brake Friction Materials

  • phenolic resin
  • aramid fiber
  • potassium titanate
  • metal powder, metal fiber
  • glass fiber
  • graphite
  • sulfide
  • Other inorganic and organic compounds

Related Materials

  • Various sheets, films: PET, CPP, PVC, release film, etc.
  • Raw materials for various filters (oil filters, fuel filters, air filters)