Fine Chemicals

Features and Strengths

●We provide a wide variety of custom-made raw materials and intermediates in a wide range of fields.
●We have a wide network in Japan and overseas, and deliver high-quality and inexpensive products.
●We provide accurate and speedy information to our customers based on our wealth of experience and achievements.

Main Handling Products

Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Chemical Intermediates, Raw Materials

  • Small sample
  • Intermediate
  • Raw material
  • Synthetic optimization

Electronic Materials

  • Monomers for High-Performance Polymers & Resins
  • Support metal management

Perfume Raw Materials

  • Flavor
  • Fragrance
  • Synthetic fragrance ingredients

Natural Materials

  • Various fatty acids
  • Vegetable fibers (powder cellulose, wood flour)
  • Various extract

Raw Materials for Sterilization / Antibacterial / Water Treatment Agents