Electronic Materials

Features and Strengths

●We export display materials widely to South Korea, Taiwan and China.
●We propose and provide products related to processes from lens molding and processing to eyeglasses to meet all needs.
●We propose and provide products related to the manufacturing process of capacitors, semiconductors, and printed wiring boards.

Main Handling Products

Display Materials

  • Raw materials for film coatings
  • Adhesive
  • Micro lens array film
  • Raw material for polyimide film

Light Sensitive Materials

  • Raw materials for photoresists
  • Various modifiers (heat and chemical resistance, strength, etc.)
  • Various dyes

Electronic Component Materials

  • dielectric powder
  • sintering binder
  • printed circuit board
  • Printed wiring board processing material
  • polishing buff
  • metal paste
  • Silicone-based heat-dissipating material
  • inorganic colloid

Information Storage Materials

  • charge control material
  • Fluidizer
  • Toner resin
  • Various dyes
  • various waxes
  • inkjet binder

Optical Materials

  • Evaporation material
  • Functional coating agent
  • lens monomer
  • Polarizing lens film
  • Vacuum thin film equipment