「Beyond 350」
「Sustainable Future」

Miki & Co., Ltd.
Midori Miki
President and Representative Director

Since our founding in 1674, we have continued our business as a trading company specializing in chemical products for over 340 years.
We are deeply grateful to our customers and business partners for their support and patronage.

As we approach the 350th anniversary of our founding in 2024, 
we will continue to work as a partner to realize sustainable procurement activities for our customers.
Each and every employee fully demonstrates their “Professionalism”, “Flexibility”, and “Creativity”.
We aim to be a “value-creating company” that delivers a wide range of products, mainly chemicals, together with information and technology from around the world.

Based on Miki Sangyo’s management philosophy of “discipline and order”,
We will continue to develop our business to help you.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.