MIKI BRAND-3Creativity

“Creativity” to connect customers’ problems,
manufacturers’ materials and technology.

Over its long history, Miki Sangyo has established connections with all industries. In that process, ideas such as “Is it possible to apply this material used in this industry to products in other industries?” are born. This leads to innovation that creates an era, and it can be said that this is the reason for the existence of a specialized trading company.

Cooperating with manufacturers to find solutions to the problems faced by customers is the creativity of a trading company. At the moment when a combination of multiple materials connects to a solution that no one has found before, a new value that has never existed before is born. Literally “composite materials” are currently attracting attention.

Contributing to technological innovation in the aerospace field,
Creating a new age of mobility.

Composite materials are materials made by combining multiple materials, and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) is a typical example. Materials made by combining carbon fiber with resin are light and strong, and are widely used in cutting-edge aerospace fields such as the Boeing 787 due to their superior properties.

Miki Sangyo provides materials to manufacturers of CFRP “prepregs” (sheet-shaped fibers impregnated with resin) and supports cutting-edge technological development.

CFRP is applied not only to aircraft but also to mobility such as automobiles. Not only does weight reduction help reduce CO2 emissions, but with the spread of electric vehicles (EVs), the use of CFRP, which is based on resin that does not conduct electricity rather than metal, is safer than metal, is expected to expand further.

Applying high-performance materials
as a material for “bicycles”.

In addition, the range of CFRP applications will expand. For example, bicycles are gaining in popularity after the coronavirus pandemic. Some high-end models also use materials used in aircraft. Advanced technological innovations are applied in familiar places, enriching our lives.

However, the bicycle industry and the aircraft industry are not inherently connected. One of the roles of trading companies is to serve as a bridge between these technologies.

Miki Sangyo’s composite materials team is constantly gathering the latest information. In addition to attending academic conferences such as the Polyimide Polymer Conference, we participate in exhibitions both in Japan and abroad to develop new uses and applications.
The quality and quantity of information we have accumulated over many years and the wide range of applications supported by our relationships with various industries are Miki Sangyo’s unique strengths.

Disseminating Japan’s advanced technology
to the world from Miki Sangyo.

Every year, Miki Sangyo participates in “CAMX”, North America’s largest exhibition on composite materials and cutting-edge materials and technologies. Our business development in the United States dates back to 1967, and we have established many business relationships.
Currently, Europe and the United States are ahead of Japan in the composite materials industry, and as a result, the ratio of handling by overseas companies has increased.

Technological innovation knows no borders, and we live in an age when cutting-edge technology spreads around the world in an instant. The environment has changed greatly since the Edo period, when the country was isolated, but the basics of the trading company business have not changed.

We believe that now is the time to show the world Japan’s technological capabilities and the value of its existence, and to contribute to various technological innovations to realize a sustainable society.
We will boldly challenge new fields by making use of our accumulated experience.

Miki Sangyo’s dream